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  1. No booking will be confirmed without a 50% deposit has been received.
  2. Any changes to the delivery address must be disclosed within 48 hours,
  3. The lead time to delivery of your vehicle may vary, however our normal lead time is 3-5 days.
  4. Stoney Auto Logistics will not be held responsible for any loss that may occur if we are outside our normal lead time.
  5. All vehicles must be in running condition unless otherwise stipulated, failing to disclose non-runners, or problems with the vehicles may result in additional costs, or non loading of your vehicle,of  which a 10% handling fee will be charged.
  6. The customer will ensure that there is a responsible and reliable person at the point of collection and delivery.
  7. It is the customers responsibility that when placing the order that a car carrier will be able to enter the point of collection and delivery, if in the event the car carrier is unable to enter We will then take the vehicle to the nearest point for off-loading, if we are unable to do that, the car carrier will drop off your vehicle at the closest depot, were additional fee may be charged.
  8. Stoney Auto Logistics does not take responsibility while your car is not on  our car carrier, only while in transit.
  9. While all care will be taken to ensure safe delivery of the customer’s vehicle and goods, Stoney Auto Logistics will not be held responsible for any undeclared goods left in the vehicle, at any point. We, therefore encourage customers to declare all personal effects in their car and pay to the relevant authorities all associated fees or charges that they will attract
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